I thoroughly love coaching, it is indeed my passion.  One of the things I love is the discovery process involved with coaching, both for the client as well as for myself. 

One of the basic tenets  for me is that each client has their own structure of interpretation.  That is, each person is influenced by their own history, culture, beliefs, ethics, etc. and it is this structure of interpretation that dictates their behavior and responses to challenges. 

In order to be effective, I must understand this structure of interpretation, and help them find the things within this structure that may be holding them back.  This is why one program does not fit all clients. 

I appreciate the challenge of ensuring that I am aware of my own structure of interpretation and ensure that mine does not get in the way. 

Therefore, I must enter every conversation with a heightened sense of awareness, and be able to be in a non-judgmental place, hear what the client is saying, (and what they are omitting), read between the lines, and see that which they may be blind to at the moment.  This is a powerful place for me. 

Coaching conversations are not linear or a steady progression.  I love the variety, in that I must figure out what is going on in the moment and where the client is at any given time from session to session or even within the same session.  This requires me to be fully present with the client. 

I must be in tune with the client and perceive the situation at multiple levels at the same time.  I enjoy being able to hold a safe space for my clients to go through their own ruminations and allowing them their own discovery process. 

I provide safety for clients to be heard in ways they are not usually heard, and I am honored to be witness to their inner processes and thoughts.

I am thrilled when a client has the “ah ha” moments.  It is very rewarding when they are moving forward, have new realizations about themselves and the way they approach life, and recognize for themselves the progress and change they have been making. 

When I work with clients I strive to see the world through their eyes and their structure of interpretations, rather than my own. 

This makes for a more powerful coaching experience for the client, and allows me to understand more fully their world, and in some ways discover new worlds all the time. 

Christina Bara

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