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Christina has an MBA in Finance and climbed the corporate ladder for 12 years in the Financial Services arena with Standard & Poor’s Corporation (S&P). While with S&P she managed multiple departments and projects and was the Senior Product Manager for the successful development and launch of their flagship product.

Christina's Story
She then opted for a different direction in life, left the corporate world, and took a more "hands-on" approach in making a difference in people’s lives. More

In Her Own Words
I thoroughly love coaching, it is indeed my passion.  One of the things I love is the discovery process involved with coaching, both for the client as well as for myself.  One of the basic tenets  for me is that each client has their own structure of interpretation.  More

Massage Therapy
Christina's desire to help people led her to pursue a National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. More

The Mind and Body connection is real. For example, when the body hurts it is difficult to concentrate, and be effective. When we are out of balance we are unable to see how what impacts one part will impact the other. More

Christina has a deep understanding of how everything in one’s life is connected with, and affects performance in, other aspects of their life. She witnesses people bringing their past issues, their relationships, their pains, their careers, their dreams and passions, their fears – their whole selves from previous life experiences with them wherever they go. She helps them resolve conflict and self-imposed limitations.

Christina has a unique offering in that she understands the mind/body connections, has prospered and thrived in the business world, understands the systems within organizations and has a feel for the people involved in those systems.

Community Involvement