The Mind and Body connection is real. When the body hurts it is difficult to concentrate, be effective, etc. When we are out of balance we are unable to see how what impacts one component will impact the other.

When a person goes to work, they bring their body along with its issues. They bring their past and the composite of all the events that have shaped who that person is. They bring their belief systems, their morals, their way of thinking, and their emotions everywhere they go.

People who are in touch with these aspects are more effective and are able to make a greater impact.

Christina views life as a journey. All Things Connected is dedicated to helping people raise their level of consciousness through increasing awareness in all aspects of their life.

Christina provides a safe and nurturing place for people to explore their own states of being and connect with themselves throughout the journey.

Every person is unique and brings their own skills, talents, arts, and experience to every relationship and situation. She approaches every client as a unique individual.

She does not try to fit them into a preconceived mold. She learns from the experiences of her past, and applies new information — helping people gain control their life, reach their full potential, and move beyond self-inflicted limitations.

Christina touches and impacts her clients with her words, questions, and hands. Some clients come solely for coaching services, some integrate the mind/body approaches, and many come solely for a therapeutic, relaxing massage.

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