After 12 years in the Financial Services arena, Christina decided she wanted to take a different direction in life and opted to leave the corporate world and take a more "hands-on" approach in making a difference in people’s lives.

After graduating from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, she became a Nationally Certified Therapist in Massage and Bodywork and built a successful private Massage Therapy practice in the metro Denver area. She understands the stress living in today’s hectic world can cause and the impact it has on the body.

Christina realized that people did not simply arrive with their bodies to her (massage) table, but rather they brought their entire lives and being.

Over the years, she recognized that her work was having a positive impact on all states of being for her clients. She felt the need to merge her business acumen, compassionate sense, and human understanding in order to help clients even more.

In an effort to be able to offer her clients more encompassing benefit, she trained and became a Certified Professional Effectiveness/Integral Coach.

Christina has found that her corporate past, educational background, understanding and ability to work with mind/body connections and intuitive, supportive nature provide her the skills to assist others to accomplish their own goals and move beyond self-inflicted limitations.

She now incorporates business and life effectiveness coaching into her practice and focuses on assisting her clients in finding solutions for all aspects of their lives by enhancing their levels of consciousness and awareness in the four states of being; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual

Of course, you can still just get a great, relaxing massage too.

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