February 24-28, 2005, Keystone, Colorado

The Joy of Business is A powerful 4 day retreat for Women Business Leaders

Purpose:  To have a better understanding of and reconnect with the passion, excitement and joy of doing the work you love to do as you plan for the future path of your business.   

Outcomes:  By the end of the retreat you will:

  • Have a better understanding of what excites you about your business; and with that improved understanding, you will develop a strategic plan that addresses the business needs as well as your own individual needs.
  • Identify issues which may have held you back in the past, begin to address these issues, resulting in changed behavior, increased self-awareness, and improved ability to meet your goals.
  • Have a clearer vision of a healthy balance between your business and your individual needs. 
  • Be better able to lead your business (and employees) to make your vision a reality.

Leader:  Christina Bara, Certified Professional Coach. Owner, All Things Connected

Why this Retreat is Unique

Registration is limited to 10 participants.  This means the retreat can be customized to your needs and interests.   

There is a blend of structured and unstructured activities designed to incorporate multiple levels of learning and processing.

We do serious work in a fun atmosphere.

You are able to work on your own issues, gain valuable input/feedback from the other women in the group as well as from the coach/facilitator. 

Registration Fee:  $950 includes:

  • 4 day facilitated retreat
  • 4 nights lodging
  • 4 breakfasts
  • 3 lunches 
  • Many winter activities
  • 2 follow-up group conference calls
  • 1 one-on-one coaching session

Call for further details 303.750.5458

Joy of Business Retre