Care for Yourself

Today's world demands more from us and we demand more from our bodies and ourselves. Get more from your precious time and truly take care of yourself with a Therapeutic Massage.

Swedish Therapeutic Massage
Hot Stone Therapy
On-Site Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage is the sytematic manipulation of the soft tissues and energy of the body to accomplish the following:

~ stress reduction
~ muscle relaxation
~ pain and headache relief
~ injury prevention
~ overall energy balance and flow throughout the body

Therapeutic Massage heals more than the physical body. It also provides support to the emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual aspects of your being.

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Who Can Benefit from Therapeutic Massage?

Anyone who wants...

~ faster recovery from muscle soreness and fatigue
~ relief from stress in their lives
~ mental and physical relaxation
~ a healthier body
~ balance between mind and body
~ an increased capacity for clearer thinking
~ greater flexibility and range of motion
~ better circulation
~ a strengthened immune system
~ better overall health

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The practice is based in Alice Springs, Australia

Massages are non-sexual. If you want that service please go elsewhere.

Benefits of Massage