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Hot Stone Therapy incorporates heated, smooth stones into a Therapeutic Massage. Hot Stone Therapy has all the same benefits as traditional massage, and then some!!!

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A Hot Stone Massage starts with gentle placement of warmed stones on strategic places of the body. The nurturing heat and comforting weight of these stationary stones immediately promote a soothing sensation of relaxation and healing. The therapist then uses the warmed stones in the massage itself, executing strokes, releasing trigger points and performing deep tissue therapy with the stones in her hands.

Using heat as part of the massage increases circulation, as the muscles absorb the heat. Tension, tightness, and stress melt away in the heat, allowing the Massage Therapist to work deeper and the client to experience a deeper level of relaxation faster. Clients report experiencing a level of relaxation they never felt before.

Clients reach a state of relaxation within minutes of feeling the first stones on their body. (This level of relaxation often takes at least 15 – 20 minutes to occur in a traditional massage.) The enhanced relaxation level promotes healing. It can also bring the client to a new spiritual awareness or connection with their inner self during the session.

Since Hot Stone Therapy addresses the physical, mental, physiological, and spiritual domains, clients report feeling connected and totally in touch with themselves in profound ways, in addition to reduced pain from their ailments.

It is difficult to convey how fabulous Hot Stone Therapy feels until you experience it. Call or email to schedule an appointment to see for yourself.

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Hot Stone Therapy