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Benefits of Massage Therapy

"Only the person who is relaxed can create, and to that mind ideas flow like lightning."
~ Cicero

Make your business more productive and your personnel more creative…

Stress costs businesses an estimated $200 billion a year in reduced productivity, accidents, compensation claims, absenteeism, employee turnover, health insurance and medical expenses.

Reduce stress in your place of business by bringing On-Site Massage Therapy to your office. On-Site massage reduces stress and decreases employee down-time for doctor visits, repetitive stress injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, etc.) accidents and absenteeism.

Pain Decreases Productivity

50% of people seeking medical help and missing work do so with a primary complaint of pain. Therapeutic Massage helps break the pain cycle and speeds recovery. It also assists in prevention of future problems.

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How it Works

All Things Connected provides Massage Therapists that come to your business location with a massage chair, which can be set up in any private area such as a conference room.

Therapists are trained to provide 15-20 minute sessions, which focus on the back, neck, shoulders, and arms. The employee is fully clothed at all times.

After receiving their massage, employees are ready to return to work feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with more clarity and focus. more

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Massages are non-sexual.
If you want that service please go elsewhere.

On-Site Therapeutic Massage