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Effectiveness Coaching is not physical or sports coaching. Professional and recreational athletes benefit from Effectiveness Coaching by seeing things from a new perspective.

Maintaining Balance
Athletes face many demands, including personal and family life obligations, team responsibilities, and professional commitments. These demands often conflict with each other and negatively impact performance.

Our coaching helps you identify how these conflicts are affecting performance and gives you skills to prioritize demands, finding and maintaining a healthy balance in life.

Enhancing Performance
Every athlete has times when they hit a "slump". For no apparent reason performance slips.

Together, we identify the causes – physical and non-physical, and give you tools to move through these periods, and effectively counteract them.

Avoiding Burn-Out
Athletes begin their career with a passion for their sport. Burn-out can occur after doing the same thing year after year, dealing with the politics of organized sports, and the day-to-day drudgery of any sport.

This may lead to escalating conflicts with coaches and teammates, perpetuating a negative impact on performance.

Our programs enable you to rediscover passion for the sport, and positively influence enthusiasm, dedication, and performance.

Changing Roles
As athletes prepare for the end of their playing careers they face many challenges including adapting to new roles.

High caliber performers may need to accept their body's physical limitations. Effectiveness coaching helps you move through these transitions and move into leadership roles.

As retirement draws closer, you must plan for the next phase of your life. We identify and clarify individual interests so you can find passion for your next endeavor.