As a Nationally Certified Therapist in Massage and Bodywork, Christina knows first hand what it takes to build a successful massage practice.

She designs special programs for Bodyworkers to help you succeed in business, and experience greater joy and satisfaction in your work and life.

Bodyworkers enter their profession for a variety of reasons, but many come unprepared for the business side of their careers. Specially designed programs are available for Bodyworkers to effectively address business issues in general, and how they relate to bodywork in particular.

Business Development
Like most small business owners, bodyworkers must develop strategies for business development in order to be successful. This includes marketing strategies, financial planning, public relations, and more.

Our exclusive bodyworker programs help you determine the best strategies to develop and maintain a thriving practice. Because Christina is a Massage Therapist, these programs better address specific needs and interests of bodyworkers.

Maintaining Balance
Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers understand the need for balance in the body and life in general. However, with the demands of attracting new clients, financial concerns, and scheduling practices, they are often unable to embody the balance they teach to their clients.

We work together to identify where you may have fallen out of balance. We develop practices to help you re-establish and nurture the critical components for a healthy business, a sound body, peace of mind, and life outside of bodywork.

Taking Care of Self
Bodyworkers are naural care givers to others, therefore unless there is also self-care, the practitioner's work, happiness, and effectiveness can suffer.

We explore techniques to ensure the practitioner nurtures their Self, so they can be most effective with their clients.

One-on-One and Group Programs
Because Bodyworkers and Massage Therapists share many concerns and issues that are unique from other industries, this program has been specifically designed for them. Participants can comfortably speak their own language to convey their concerns and are understood intuitively.

We offer customized Coaching Programs for individual bodyworkers, or more cost effective group sessions of no more than four Bodyworkers. Both approaches are customized to the needs and interests of the participants, and you will be working with a coach who is familiar with the issues confronting Bodyworkers.

Sessions are conducted via telephone conference calls, or face-to-face, depending on your location.