Transitions are a constant part of life, there is no time when we are not in transition.  But, some transitions are more significant than others.  During major transitions people feel out of balance, ineffective, lost and stressed. 

Transitions show up in many ways in life including:

New Relationships
Broken Relationships
Personal Loss
Health/Body issues
And in numerous other ways.

Transitions to new things in life often bring fear -- Fear of the unknown, as well as fear of leaving behind a familiar part of life.  Fear often immobilizes you from moving forward. 

Coaching addresses fears head-on, in a safe and supportive environment, enabling you to move through the transition as powerfully and completely as possible.

You will discover how to maintain those things that are a positive influence in your life and how to let go of those that no longer serve you.  You will have an improved sense of self, renewed balance, and an increased level of consciousness and awareness. 

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