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A two-pronged approach is used to make teams/organizations cohesive and effective at all levels utilizing talent and assets that otherwise may go unnoticed and unused. Profitability increases, conflicts decrease and organizations move closer to reaching goals.

Enhancing Individual Performance
Team performance and success is affected by, and dependent on, individual performance and issues.

By working with members one-on-one, as well as with the team as a whole, individual issues are addressed, strengths are identified and leveraged, and areas of growth are cultivated.

Team Coaching

Everyone on a team has their own way of seeing things — their own belief systems. Team Coaching allows members to understand unique structures of interpretation, and helps them discover what is holding them back individually, and how this impacts the organization.

The individual is encouraged to explore these discoveries, and inevitably bring a new level of awareness, commitment and ability to the team.

Improving Group Dynamics
Group Coaching is available to help businesses, teams, and groups of any sort function better as cohesive units. It facilitates communication, planning, implementation, and works to improve group dynamics.

Facilitating Communication
Having a 3rd party involved in a group setting facilitates more open and effective communication. The coach acts as a neutral party, and actively elicits participation from all members.

The coach's objective eye, can identify patterns, trends, and behaviors that may be negatively impacting the team’s communication and performance.

The coach comes into the group with no preconceived opinions, questions everything. She enables team members to see issues and situations with a fresh perspective. Misconceptions and assumptions are removed, allowing a better understanding by all team members.

Achieving Project Management Goals
Successful teams keep projects moving toward the desired goal. Group coaching keeps members accountable for their responsibilities to the group. It is the coach's job to help individuals recognize and address those issues that are impeding their ability to successfully complete tasks.